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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Coming Soon: website...
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 02:13:39 GMT
Tim Vernum wrote:

>From: Diane Holt []
>>Your original <foreach> has already had changes submitted to 
>>the list(s).
>>How do you see that being handled, if there's no 
>>source-control available?
>I don't think that source-control at the web-site solves that.
>If you put in source-control, then you have to manage it.  <snip/>
I think there is a fundamental question you have to ask yourself.  Is 
this site going to be a
   - a site for collaborative development of tasks, or
   - a site for organizing, promoting, advertising tasks

If it is the latter, you essentially get into a situation where each 
task has a separate release cycle,
and multiple releases of a task may be maintained simultaneously.   This 
is similar to a situation at a large
corporation where components are shared across departments.  Depending 
on their
individual constraints, a particular department may not be able to 
upgrade to the latest release of
a given component right away.  You end up maintaining multiple versions 
of the same component.
Just like any vendor/service provider, you give your clients notice as 
to which version(s) are supported,
recommended, end-of-life'd, etc.  It can get complicated, but we could 
have a very simple model with
a small set of classifications (Latest, Supported, Obsolete, etc.)

Each task could have a separate person or team that is responsible for 
maintaining it.  Their responsibilities would include
making new releases and advertising them on the website.  The website 
would include contact information for the
maintainers, as well as documentation, examples,  and possibly links to 
the cvsweb sources, etc. for the Ant Tasks.

Is this what you had in mind?
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