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From Peter Donald <>
Subject DataType interface?
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2001 02:48:45 GMT

A while ago I was discussing DataTypes and how we should implement them.
There was little support for a generic system like

<set-property name="foo">
  <fileset ... />

but instead it was indicated that we would instead create a separate task
for each data-type so it works something like

<fileset name="foo" ... />

or using aspects

<fileset ant:id="foo" ... />

This task would be repeated for all diferent datatypes (ie

Now because the runtime will most likely differentiate between DataTypes
and the tasks used to set the DataTypes I was wondering whether it would be
useful to have a separate marker interface to indicate DataTypes? 

class Pattern implements DataType {}
interface ItemSet extends DataType {}
class FileSet implements ItemSet {}
class FilterSet implements ItemSet {}
class PatternSet implements ItemSet {}

It would be useful in that we could use registry to instantiate DataTypes
if it did inherit/implement from a particular interface. Thoughts?



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