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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject Re: Configure->Template->Build
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 13:08:46 GMT
--- Peter Donald <> wrote:
> transformation). Consequently novice users hack it
> up so badly and
> incomprehensibly and I used to have to provide
> support for such people ...
> *shudder* ... hence I no like it anymore ;) 

Ok, you just might make me change my argument.  I
don't mind other people digging their own holes - that
is, like you, as long as I don't have to repeatedly
support them.  ;-)

> True - but I am fairly sure that we already knew
> that (at least to a
> degree). Currently ant specifies a sequence of
> operations. We add in
> repetition (ie foreach) and selection (ie if) then
> we have just invented an
> XML programming language ;) Something that was a
> declared non-goal of ant.

Bingo!  You nailed it on the nose but missed a
critical point.  Ant already IS a programming
language.  It's not a mainstream procedural language,
but it is a language, with the express purpose of
controlling build ops.  And as we well know from
experience with other languages, sequences of
operations frequently need iteration and conditional
execution.  That is, unless you want to model the
language after Prolog, etc.  ;-)


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