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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Configure->Template->Build
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 07:52:15 GMT
Peter Donald <> wrote:

> Ways of doing Configure include; 
> 1. tricky target manipulation combined with available+condition
> style tasks (ie what would be done in ant1 minus "doing" work).
> 2. (1) combined with addition of evil if/then/case/foreach tasks
> 3. Use some preexisting scripting language to test and set
> properties - possibly combined with parts of (1).

We've agreed to merge all the condition like tasks into a single one
and provide things like boolean logic there as well, right?  So (1)
isn't that tricky for small/simple environments any longer.

I'm not sure whether I understand the more complicated needs of the
large builds that require a built-in configure mechanism completely
(more than probably I don't), to me the Configure->Template step still
is yet another ProjectBuilder (that doesn't necessarily need to be
part of Ant IMHO) and before I can decide on how to implement it, I'd
much rather like to understand what it would be used for.

To quote from your response to Jose Alberto:

> Certain stages of build process need ad-hoc logic (aka scripting) -
> namely the first stage of detecting environment

I can come up with two scenarios here:

(1) check whether everything I need is there - available+fail, isn't
it?  How would we make things easier if we provided a scripting
capability of any kind?  The quite often requested a combination of
these two types of tasks (or an if attribute to fail) would help more,
not that I was proposing it.

(2) set a lot of properties depending on another property - see the
"Is this a desirable feature?" thread for my opinion on that.

There must be more, what exactly should Ant solve by using scripting?


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