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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Peter's ANT2 design proposals
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 09:52:22 GMT
Jesse Tilly <> wrote:

> People simply put:
> <app>
>   <jar><package/></jar>
>   <package/>
> </app>
> To build a jar and an open class package.  Transforms and rulesets
> define what will really happen under the covers.

You could already write XSLT to do something like this, or a velocity
style or a Perl script.  All you are asking for is a front end to Ant
- that could invoke Ant under the cover - not for a change of Ant
itself.  Or am I missing something.

> Ant1 files and one for Ant2 raw files.  This would [...]  users to
> upgrade without ditching 3-10 months worth of antfiles.

I'm not that concerned about ditching old ant files as we will
certainly provide a tool that converts Ant files to a similar Ant2
version or a separate front end for Ant2 that performs this conversion

Ditching 3-10 months worth of custom tasks may be a much stronger
argument IMHO, and we need to account for this in some way as well.

> Ok, that breaks the Ant2 goal of breaking Ant1,

Breaking Ant1 compatibility is not a goal of Ant2, but a result of
other goals.


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