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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: How to update a jar?
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 14:55:34 GMT
> So the ZipFileSet to include has to *exclude* all files that are about
> to be added. That could be slightly tricky - at least for someone like
> without much Ant experience.

Okay, having thought about this I think it may be best to go for a
slightly more general idea. I'd like to write a FileSet which
includes/excludes other FileSets. In this case, I'd solve the problem of
not including any file twice in the new jar file by creating a new
XXXFileSet (haven't thought of a decent name yet) which *includes* the
original jar file and *excludes* all the filesets specified in the
update. Any additional excludes could then be done on a
per-subclass-of-Zip basis (eg Jar could add an exclusion of the
manifest, possibly optionally).

Does that sound reasonable to those who know more about FileSets,
ZipFileSets, DirectoryScanners etc? I haven't figured out yet just how
I'll make it all fly, but I can have a harder go at working out what the
relationships between the various classes are. (I still haven't worked
out where ZipScanner gets its actual filenames from...)

I'm hoping this might be a useful concept for other things as well - oh,
and if anyone can think of a decent name, I'd be grateful :)


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