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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: if and unless attributes for all Tasks
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 23:16:08 GMT
This discussion cracks me up!

    @see <>

Personally, I'm all for something better than the current <uptodate>
checking methodology because frankly it just plain sucks.

As an example, here is a build.xml file that is overly complex as a result
of this <uptodate> stuff...


Note the whole area around the check-for-turbine targets.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome.


on 5/15/01 1:24 PM, "Roger Vaughn" <> wrote:

> --- Jesse Tilly <> wrote:
>> Am I the only person that thinks conditional flow
>> control using XML is just
>> a Bad Thing(tm)?  Flow control == processing and we
>> already have excellent
>> processing languages.
> Build scripting is all ABOUT conditional processing -
> i.e. "if source file A is newer than object file B,
> compile source file A."
> This low-level conditional checking is built into Ant
> (and make) so that you don't have to see it - and that
> is the primary advantage of build tools over scripting
> tools - it simplifies the required instruction set.
> This does not, however, eliminate the need for
> conditionals at a higher level of abstraction.  Also,
> I have several times had to use the uptodate task
> paired with the if/unless conditions to achieve checks
> that are *not* built into Ant - and this is
> conceptually at the *same* level of abstraction of the
> .java/.class checks.
> So you don't need conditional checks in your scripts.
> How does that make them bad for everyone?  You have
> not adequately justified your position.  Just because
> you do not need the feature is no reason to cut the
> rest of us off at the knees.  There are many cases
> where this feature is indeed necessary - including the
> script that builds Ant itself.
> Live and let live.
> Roger Vaughn
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