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From "Twiggs, Glenn" <>
Subject RE: Task for Attrib - The windoze equivalent of chmod
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 18:45:18 GMT

This is great - I can make use of this task. One suggestion - instead of the
"attr" attribute on the task, why not have a separate boolean attribute for
each right that can be set. This change would remove the "attr" attribute
and add the following attributes:


So, rather than ant users guessing at what the "attr" attribute should
contain, it is explicit in the attributes. If one of these attributes is not
set, the value is not changed. I find this:

  <attrib file="my.file" readonly="false" />

much easier to understand than this:

  <attrib file="my.file" attr="-r" />


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From: Shiraz Kanga []
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 6:52 PM
To: ''
Subject: Task for Attrib - The windoze equivalent of chmod

Hi all - Since Ant has a task for chmod on Unix shouldnt it also have one
for for attrib on Windoze? Well I need one since code checked out from our
repository has the read-only attribute and the Ant tasks to delete/move
files wont work on such files. 

Since I couldnt find such a task I wrote it. The source code and HTML
document is attached here. Could someone with CVS access please check it in
so others can use it too.



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