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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Multiple properties in target's if/unless
Date Sat, 19 May 2001 13:37:20 GMT
I had this once.
I made target A use "if=X" depends="B"
Then target B use "if=Y" depends="C"
Then target C use "if=Z"

However, it was clumsy, and I decided maybe I wasn't thinking
properly about the problem, and re-structured the problem so
it didn't need all those conditionals...

> Scotte Zinn wrote:
> I came across a need for multiple properties to be checked with a
> target's if clause and it wasn't possible.  I could do it using
> multiple targets, each with an if clause, but that really seemed
> cludgy.
> Is there another way of doing this?  Will Ant be extended to allow a
> comma-separated list of properties in the if/unless block similar to
> the depends clause?
> -- Scotte

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