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From "Michael McCallum" <>
Subject RE: if and unless attributes for all Tasks
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 20:08:16 GMT
On 17 May 2001, at 18:53, Siberski, Wolf wrote:

> My suggestion would be to exploit Diane's, Rogers
> and Your experience by designing a 'large scale' build
> scenario as test case for Ant2.
> Each proponent would not only have to provide an Ant2
> version, but also a set of build files for this
> scenario.
> What I have in mind is - of course - not building a 
> 2M lines system, but a small system with typical
> 'large scale' characteristics:
> - not only one, but several products are built.
> - to build the products, some subprojects (libraries)
>   have to be built
> - different configurations (e.g. platforms, feature sets)
>   have to be built
> - ... (You will know better than me)
Why not build scripts for all the jakarta projects?
You have lots of projects and lots of dependencies.

> While the developers could evaluate the design
> of the proposal, all Ant users could judge the
> usability by looking at the resulting build files.

I was also thinking that there is a lot of talk about scipts a methods of solving build problems.
But there are very few examples of the problems the developers were trying to solve with the

services provided by ant.

Why not provide a set of examples of scripts that solve different problems.

I am willing to submit some examples of how I solved my build problems to kick this off.


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