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From "Michael McCallum" <>
Subject Re: Filter and Filtersets (was SQLExec and Properties)
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 19:39:16 GMT
On 3 May 2001, at 13:03, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Michael McCallum <> wrote:
> > It is not enough either to just use expansion of ${foobar} it has to
> > be flexible. ie need to be able to replace @foobar@ and #foobar# and
> > anything else you might consider.
> Where do these @foobar@ things come from?  I.e. why can't they be
> ${foobar}?
> >> > I do not believe that property replacement should be carried out
> >> > on file loaded sql.
> > Yes it should it is absolutely necessary when running the scripts
> > using other tools like sqlplus they have their own file substitution
> > patterns that ant needs to be flexible enough to work with.
> I don't understand this, sorry.  You say, you have a tool that
> performs some substitution that follows either @foobar@ or #foobar#
> convention (but not consistently) and want Ant to adjust to this tool,
> right?  Excuse me, if this is a dumb question, I've never used sqlplus
sqlplus uses &foobar. and &&foobar.

> - I'm a DB2 guy with some occasional project using Interbase or MS SQL
> Server.
Yes. Ant needs to be flexible so it can complement tools that are out there.
So if tool X needs to do token replacement with Tokens wrapped in @, $, % or even 
START/END then it should be supported in some way. 

> > I guess what Im saying is the the use of a token replacement
> > mechanism should be standard.  Which we could use properties for (I
> > just thought that the filter task was hackish so improved it).
> Agreed on everything you've said (including the "filter was hackish"
> part 8-).
> >> If we add filtersets in Ant 1.4 but decide to drop filters
> >> completely, change the concept in some other way, we are going to
> >> confuse users more than we need to do.  I'd simply prefer to see
> >> how we are going to change it in Ant2 - and I'd like to take your
> >> filterset concept as one proposal to achieve it.
> > One thing I cant stand is spoon feeding.
> Sorry, my English language parser has left me - "untranslatable metaphor"
> 8-)
When you provide all the solutions to someone and they dont have to think. And usually as
a result they dont think in the future instead try to regurgitate what they were spoon fed
funnily enough its not the right answer to the problem they now face.
Clear as mud? :)

> > Plus you have a solution that may not be perfect but people will get
> > to try it out and give feedback. So you can either improve the
> > concept or discard it for Ant2. But sitting the code on the fence
> > does not achieve anything except we sit around and discuss it merits
> > and then the users use it in completely unexpected way later.
> I guess I see us much closer to agree on how we want something to work
> in Ant2 than you do.  I expect this to happen in a few weeks (prior to
> an Ant 1.4 release), but I may be wrong.  I'll be pushing for it.
What im saying is that the filtering was a hack and better solution has not been trialed
so all the agreement may mean nothing if the users dont see it in the same way.



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