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From Scott Sanders <>
Subject [Proposal] Sanbox for Wayward Ant Tasks
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 23:46:16 GMT
As I am trying to polish up the xpath task for acceptance into Ant, I 
find that it would be useful to have someplace to work on it whilst it 
was a work in progress.

Also, many tasks are not directly accepted into the Ant distro because 
they are very specific to a particular purpose.

I would like to propose that the Ant community provide a 'sanbox' cvs 
repo for these 2 types of developments.  I proposed this over in 
jakarta-commons, but as it is VERY ant specific, it was suggested that I 
post it over here.

As a precedent, the Taglibs crew has created a sandbox for the purpose 
of unsupported taglibs.

Scott Sanders

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