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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Configure->Template->Build
Date Mon, 28 May 2001 13:14:30 GMT

I finally got a dev box at home again and spent the night patching and
fixing the proposal in between Simpsons and eating ;) Hopefully I will have
a bit of time tomorrow afternoon to do the same. I was going to clean and
then have a shot and prototyping a few different ways of separating out the
Configure->Template->Build stages in builds. I was thinking about using
XSLT for template stage (as I know that) and wonder what you think would be
best for Configure stage.

Ways of doing Configure include;
1. tricky target manipulation combined with available+condition style tasks
(ie what would be done in ant1 minus "doing" work).
2. (1) combined with addition of evil if/then/case/foreach tasks
3. Use some preexisting scripting language to test and set properties -
possibly combined with parts of (1).

I favour 3 atm and was thinking of using either jython or rhino as
scripting base (mainly as I know both of them). Anyone have any better
ideas ???



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