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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [DISC] details of task library concept
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 04:05:46 GMT
At 11:37 AM 5/22/01 -0400, Daniel Barclay wrote:
>Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> Jose Alberto Fernandez <> wrote:
>> > That way one can specify other jars or task libs that must be
>> > loaded.
>> Why not use the Class-Path header in the Manifest for this (download
>> extensions)?
>The Class-Path header requires knowing the relative URI (pathname) to
>the depended-on Jar file.
>It's probably appropriate only when you know where the depended-on
>Jar file will be, as when you break something into several pieces
>(so you know where the pieces are relative to each other).

Ages ago I suggested a manifest attribute

Ant-Class-Path: foo.jar

This would search all the entries in "ant.lib.path" and "ant.tsk.path" to
find foo.jar. This was the only mod I needed to do all complicated
inheritance etc. (though I had to manually throw an exception if the
dependency DAG had classes that depended on incompatible versions etc).



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