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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: [Vote] Avalon-Framework integration
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 09:27:45 GMT
At 10:50  10/5/01 +0200, Siberski, Wolf wrote:
>I think Conor wanted to know which applications already use
>Avalon as base framework and how these applications have
>undergone tests and/or real world usage.

oh ;)

Theres james and cocoon at apache. Cocoon2 has seen a bit of real world
usage. I have built a few products based on Avalon for organisations or
buisnesses. One was an ant-like cron tool for a buisness, there has been a
few education orientated servlets developed (testing/reporting/monitoring
etc), a simple portal engine, CORBA management app (no idea what this
does;]), a newsserver etc.

For non-buisness (aka done for fun) orientated apps that I know about are;
a java desktop environment (like a window manager for java), a ftpserver,
geometry manipulation packages (k-d splitter/compiler, vis compiler etc),
texture manipulation packages, shader compilers, OpenNS protocol compiler
(like ASN compiler but for a XML based format), part of an Geometry
visualisation package, most of a game server (similar to quake2), package
management system, part of dns record management system, part of an
authentication server, part of distributed directory system, part of
distributed file system. RSN there will also be fully converted simulation
system using Avalon/Framework for VR style systems.

Though some of the above are used in production systems (ie
geometry/content tools) so they may not count as "fun" projects ;)

These are the ones I directly know about or have implemented myself however
there have been a lot of groups who have asked me about whether or not to
use it - I have always had to say no -  not until a beta release (which
happens tomorrow - yea). So depending on where they are along in
development there could be a few large scale projects switching to it - too
early to tell.



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