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Subject Suggestion (inference of class dependencies)
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 18:24:15 GMT
The list of proposals for new tasks for Ant2 contains the following:

* Task to extract classes from a JAR file that a given class depends

  Based on <depend> or IBM's JAX for example.


My comments:

1. Class dependency information can be useful in many ways. My suggestion
is, that the processing of this information should be kept as generic as

2. The dependency cache generated by the <depend> task contains the base
information. It would be nice if I could generate this information without any
further action like deleting class files depending on outdated files.

3. It would also be nice if the proposed extraction would not only work on
JAR files, but also on the class files in the grove of class file directories.

4. It would be even nicer if the proposed task could find all dependencies
of a subset of the class file grove.

5. I would start jubilating, if I could map the set of dependent class files
to a set of source files, from which these class files have been compiled.
There are possibly more class files than source files, so this mapping should
be tolerant.

6. Then I could do really neat things like running javadoc on the sources
and ship the documentation with the jar, I created from the class files.

7. Altogether I can have the class files of different components spread over
a set of different project directories. I just have to name the main
class(es) of a component (the class containing the main method for my application /
the EJB classes / the servlet classes of my webapp) and ANT can collect all
dependent classes, make the jar or war and generate the javadocs for the

I believe that this is especially useful if you have different teams working
together to develop distributed application components which share utility
classes and call each others services using remote interfaces.

Best regards,
Christof Helfrich

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