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From Michael McCallum <>
Subject Re: SQLExec and Properties
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 09:47:23 GMT
On Wednesday 02 May 2001 08:31, you wrote:
> Michael McCallum <> wrote:
> > But the are interdependent.  I update the sqlexec to use the
> > filterset type with explicitly set filltersets.
> So I need to revisit your patch completely, sorry.  Seems my memory
> is failing more often these days.
Its quite a lot to take in. 
I will add a more detailed description to the bug report with the attached patch.

> > The sql patch does not do anything execpt add a call to
> > filterset.replaceTokens( sql )
> Why use filters instead of property substitution for this?
Because the substitution occurs for all sql statements even those coming from file.
plsql has a standard of replacement which is &forbar. or &&foobar. so I needed
to be
able to replace these tokens. hence the extension of the filterset to incorporate setting
of the tokens.

I do not believe that property replacement should be carried out on file loaded sql.

Property replacement should occur in the sql statements that appear in the xml ie single transactional
and textblocks. Not sure if it does or not yet will have to look.

> > I could split it all up into patches for Project, copy,
> > DefaultCompilerAdapter, Filter, SQLExec etc if you would like.
> I thought they had been independent, sorry.  Personally I like
> separate patches and mails for independent changes, but a compound
> patch for changes that affect several files.
Fair enough it was quite large but did not have the time to split it up.

> Stefan

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