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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: executing task for each file in file set
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 10:35:39 GMT
> From: Peter Donald []
> >Or is there any expection of writing build files that use
> only standard
> >features so those build files can run on any base (uncustomized) Ant
> >installation?   (I don't necessarily mean eschewing (wow, I
> don't usually
> >think of that word) custom tasks, but maybe building and
> defining them
> >in the build files instead of just assuming or requiring that they be
> >present.)
> for Ant2 yes ... maybe. The only exception being that it may
> be best to
> also search in <base>/tasks/*.tsk where <base> is either project base
> directory or directory where build file located. This is just to make
> things easier for peeps and not sure yet if it should be added in.

I would prefer if we do not impose a location, but specify a property to use
to find such location: ${ant.baselib}. So one can say:

	<project name="a" defaut="b" basedir="../c" baselib="../d/tasks" />

Jose Alberto

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