Have you mentioned this to the jikes team?  It seems to be more of a problem with them then with the combination of Ant and jikes.  Have you tested this outside of ant? (i.e.: try to run jikes with the @ option, where the filenames in the list have spaces in it.  If this test fails, then it's got nothing to do with ant, but a problem with jikes.)

Just for your info, the jikes mailing lists can be found at http://www.jikes.org


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jim Jackl-Mochel [mailto:jmochel@foliage.com]
> Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 12:36 PM
> To: ant-dev
> Subject: I finally tracked down the problem with spaces in
> paths handed
> to Jikes.
> I found this problem mentioned in the list archives, but the solution
> offered did not appear to fix our recurring problem.
> After a bit of experimentation, I discovered that the problem
> is the result
> of ANT and Jikes working in combination.
> Most of the time, spaces in file and path names, appear to
> give Jikes no
> problem. but, when the set of arguments is too large,
> the executeExternalCompile method of DefaultCompilerAdapter
> writes those
> same arguments to a file and passes the file name
> to Jikes. The Jikes documentation says that jikes reads each
> line as an
> argument, but it appears they cannot handle spaces
> in the file names or paths.
> For now, my solution is to raise the buffer size to 32K,
> since I know that
> Windows NT can handle at least that much.
> I just figured that I would pass this information along to "them what
> maintains this application".
> Jim