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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] file set cullers
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 12:35:29 GMT
David Rees <> wrote:

> For Ant2 I would like to expand on source, possibly adding a fascade
> for File that supports the various types of Files (FTP, Zip,
> URL). Its a bit of work, but it needs be done. Maybe there a small
> framework out there we can borrow that does some of this already?

As I was thinking about a similar thing for FileSet (so that
ZipFileSet could just return ZipEntries ...) we should get something
like this together - an Ant File abstraction.

>>Getting my act together ;-): I'd prefer if we could first figure out
>>how we want to support the mechanism you tackle with your proposal
>>in Ant2 - then you adapt your proposal to get as close to the way
>>Ant2 is supposed to work as possible and we commit it in the 1.x
>>Would that work for you?
> Hmmm, not a bad approach really. In my mind I think I have
> reconciled what I am thinking for Ant2 with what I did, so I guess I
> have to prove it my documenting it. Do we have a planned approach
> for how we will design "parts" of Ant2? Otherwise I will just put a
> basic design document together for Ant2.

I guess, once we have the specification clear - which reminds me to do
something about it - we'll invite design proposals for (parts of)
Ant2.  But this is just an idea, nothing that has been talked about


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