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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] first pass at a task guidelines/process document.
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 10:11:25 GMT
Steve Loughran <> wrote:

> This is something I started in my spare time a couple of days ago, a
> better document covering the process and the style for submitting
> new tasks and patches to ant.

I really like it, thanks.

Some first comments:

I wouldn't list MatchingTask as a "good task to derive from" as I
prefer tasks to support explicit filesets - one of the key points is,
that you can have multiple filesets if you use explicit ones.

You should probably add a big disclaimer on top of the helper section,
saying that this applies to Ant1 only.  I don't expect Project to keep
any of the helper methods currently implemented there.

Add "no tabs" to the coding standard section.

When you point people to the current testcases, you should do so with
a grain of salt, most testcases are, uhm, rudimentary. 8-)

To run the tests, the target is run-tests, not test.  There is a
run-single-test target which makes running individual tests a lot
easier than running against an individual build file (which will not
work anyway IMHO).

Getting to your Checklist: Another benefit of testcases is, that they
make the committers more confident in code contributions. At least I
feel a lot better if I don't have to rely on my two eyes only when
reviewing code.

I prefer patches sent as attachments, as some mailers break lines in
the body of a mail and make the patch unusable (at least without
manual intervention).

Checklist for new tasks: patch to and either
coretasklist.html or optionaltasklist.html.


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