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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: [DISC] XML issues
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 05:56:49 GMT
On Wed, 11 Apr 2001 16:51:57 +1000, Peter Donald wrote:

>At 10:55  10/4/01 -0700, David Rees wrote:
>Not really - I would see file="log.txt" a configuration of the Facility
>rather than a task specific parameter. 

Well, then I disagreed with what I understood and agreed with what you
intended ;).

>>I prefer the former approach because (IMO)  it makes easier to
>>install/uninstall whole approaches for running tasks:
>><Project context="detailed" ... />
>><Copy context="ignoreMost" ... />
>>Now that I have looked at a possible API for what I suggest, I do
>>agree that it may not really be simpler for the user since the basic
>>user will not even be aware that namespaces are being used. However, I
>>do think the flexibility for installing/uninstalling whole contexts is
>>key and I am not sure how you propose to handle that from an XML api
>If I understand you correctly you are proposing a generalized version of
>recorder task that can configure any facility rather than just logging? If
>so then I like that idea and I think namespaces are othogonal to it
>(assuming we make a clear distinction between task-specific parameters and
>global Facility parameters). I had assumed we would continue to use the
>command line for these things but I guess your approach is much better.

Yes, but then that is what I think you intended now also ;).


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