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From "Greg Nelson" <>
Subject [SUBMIT] iPlanet nested task for ejbjar and iplanet-ejbc
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:10:06 GMT
Enclosed is a task for building EJB stubs and skeletons for the iPlanet
Application Server 6.0.  User documentation for the "iplanet-ejbc" task has
also been added to the "ejb.html" file which is also enclosed.  To complete
the task configuration, the following line should also be added to the file:

Also enclosed is a nested element for ejbjar that is specific to iPlanet
Application Server 6.0.  Once again, user documentation has been added to
the enclosed "ejb.html" file.  To facilitate the construction of this nested
element, changes to two existing Ant classes were required:

  * -- added method so user can use the iPlanet-specific nested
task:  "public IPlanetDeploymentTool createIplanet()"

  * -- the processDescriptor method was factored
into a number of smaller methods in order to facilitate subclassing.  While
a number of methods were added (and now called from processDescriptor),
there should be no impact on existing subclasses since only the location of
the code (and not the code itself) has changed.  This enabled significant
code reuse for the iPlanet-specific nested element and should make it easier
to write new subclasses

I look forward to your comments and questions.  Thanks!


Greg Nelson
Systems Engineer
iPlanet eCommerce Solutions
A Sun-Netscape Alliance

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