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From "J.D. Fagan" <>
Subject late Ant 2.0 requirement entry
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 18:59:36 GMT
I submitted the below suggestion a few days ago without realizing that I was
late in requirements submission (I just joined this mailing list).  Anyways,
just wanted to re-submit so you can record/add it to your requirements doc
under section "VI. entries that have been submitted too late".


--Feature suggestion for Ant 2.0 (or later)--

Would be cool to have recursive property resolution built in to Ant tool.
Best to illustrate with this contrived example:

<project name="suggestion" default="anthill" basedir=".">
  <property name="name" value="foobar"/>
  <property name="dist.${name}.dir" value="dist/${name}"/>

  <target name="anthill">
    <!-- normal property resolution -->
    <echo message="name = ${name}"/>

    <!-- recursive property resolution (inside-out) -->
    <echo message="dist.${name}.dir = ${dist.${name}.dir}"/>

Ideally, the following output is desired from "ant anthill" command on this

     [echo] name = foobar
     [echo] dist.foobar.dir = dist/foobar

Currently, ant will yield this undesired output:

     [echo] name = foobar
     [echo] dist.foobar.dir = ${dist.${name}.dir}

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