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From "Twiggs, Glenn" <>
Subject [PATCH] Usability updates to vsshistory task
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 22:43:57 GMT
Attached are patches to and vsshistory.html. I made
several usability changes to the optional vsshistory task:

* Removed javadoc explaining attributes of task. This info is already in the
vsshistory.html file. I didn't want to duplicate the work.

* Renamed task attribute "outputfilename" to "output" to unify the task
attribute namespace (i.e., other tasks use "output", why not this one?).
Also made sure that the output filename is relative to the project's

* Added task attribute "dateFormat" to allow the format of dates in "toDate"
and "fromDate" to be specified. This was necessary for the "numDays"
functionality to work properly with my date format.

* Added "default" choice to "style" attribute. If an unknown style attribute
is provided, a BuildException is thrown.

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