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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] The late stuff -- can we please change the name <depends> to <javac-depends> or something?
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 20:59:05 GMT

I am writing a <depends> like task that does the same thing but for 
(where we have the same problem, in spades-- see my earlier postings on 

Since many different "transformational" technologies (yacc/lex, javac, 
xslt, cc, etc. etc)
will likely have the same issue, can we __please___ rename <depends> to
something that indicates it is the "javac" flavor?    Leaving <depends> 
as-is makes it
seem as if java compilation is hardwired in ant in some way.  That is 
unfortunate, b/c
ant is way more generally useful than that.

The other option (genericizing the task until it can handle all possible 
flavors above)
seems too heavyweight, although we will probably find commonalities 
between the
flavors that can be factored out in time.

To be clear: I love the <depends> task, I am merely respectfully 
requesting that
the name be changed to better represent what it actually does.


Glenn McAllister wrote:

> Conor MacNeill wrote:
>> So, I am +1 on integration, certainly making it optional. If it remains
>> separate, and that seems likely, then perhaps it should be made a core task
>> rather than being optional. It has no non-JDK dependencies.
>> Conor
> I think I'm going to bow to the wisdom of others at this point.  My biggest
> concern with integrating <depends> into <javac> was that it sounded like
> were going to do away with depends as a separate task at the same time, and
> have no choice about running the integrated dependancy checking.  I think I
> may have just misread the intent of the issue.
> That being said, I'll change my -1 a +0.  I don't think its necessary, but it
> sure as heck can't hurt if its optional and we don't do away with <depends>.
> Glenn

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