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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] multithrading
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 20:19:45 GMT
Alex Solofnenko wrote:

> Hello,
>   this vote is very strange. The opposite result seems to be more appropriate.

Not surprisingly, I disagree. :-)

This is easy to understand:

<target name="do_many_things" depends="...">
    <javac ... />  <!-- compile source -->
    <copy todir="${deploy.dir}" ... />  <!-- copy properties files into the class
tree -->

Please note that the syntax is probably different from what the final syntax will
be, (ok, almost certainly) but the idea is the same.

The javac task and the copy task are independent and can be executed at the same
time.  They are also logically connected in that you would want to do both; its
rare that you want to compile but not copy over properties files.

So, now we want to do multiple targets executed in parallel.  Whats the syntax?
Do we mark the target as parallelizable?  Ok, now how do we handle dependancies?
What if one parallel target depends on another?  How do we resolve order?

The concensus seems to be that the complexity involved would override the
benefit.  If any of the other committers think I'm out of my tree, feel free to
say so. :-)


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