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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] core extensions
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:53:21 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> * Allow named tasks to be defined by <script> elements.


> * specify an onfail task or target that runs in case of a build
>   failure.

-1 on target (what happens if the target fails?); +0 on a task, but I'd
like to see the syntax for this.

> * allow sequence to be specified in depends attribute or enhance
>   antcall to work with current list of executed targets
> * provide a way to define the order in which targets a given target
>   depends upon get executed.

Same issue.  +1 if the default behaviour is the same as now; depends
targets are processed in sequence.  I'm sure LOTS of people have created
their build files with that assumption.  I know I did. :-)  +0

> * Support nesting tasks into other elements - not just as children of
>   target - as proposed by Thomas Christen in
>   <>.


> * Make if/unless attributes to check for the value of a property, not
>   only its existance.
> * check for more than one condition in if/unless attributes.

-1  I'm with Stefan on this; if we are going to have a <condition> task,
lets use it and centralize our "logic" there.

> * define task contexts that define various common aspects (logging,
>   failure handling ...) and assign them to tasks.



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