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From Jaco de Groot <>
Subject Re: FTP & Directories
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 14:20:11 GMT
Roger Vaughn wrote:
> --- Jaco de Groot <> wrote:
> > Maybe a wu-ftpd specific check is appropiate like:
> > ....
> Unfortunately there is a good chance this is going to
> happen for every FTP server until we have a huge
> string of special conditions.  Eventually, we might
> even run into one that returns something meaningful
> with the same codes we're ignoring!

That's why I added replyString.endsWith("directory exists"). My patch only
ignore's the 521 error if ALSO the returned message ends with "directory
exists". A ftp server throwing a meaningfull 521 error will not return a
"directory exists" error message, if it does it propably also uses this error to
indicate that the directory allready exists in wich case ignoring it is the
right thing to do.


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