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From Nick Davis <>
Subject ANTIDOTE - Drop and Drag
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 02:07:11 GMT
This message was from a side discussion.
I am reposting it to the mailing list.

<Nick> wrote:

> > >
> > > I have added support to rearrange the tree using
> drop
> > > and drag. Only one item can be moved at a time.

<> wrote:

> GREAT! How do you handle, if a Sub Element can't be
> part of a super element???

none at this point, but I was thinking about 
displaying an "are you sure" message.

> What hint are you giving to the user visualy?

The visual hint is pretty basic. If the new item
is to be placed above or below an exiting item,
a line is drawn above or below the existing item,
and if the new item will be a child of the 
exiting item, two small lines are drawn on either
side to the exiting item.

In the child case, I tried to have the existing 
item appear selected, but I had trouble making it
work... I'm going to look at it again.

Another thing I regret is: Drag and Drop
from one antidote to another antidote doesn't 
work. The Node would have to be "flattened" and 
recreated at the target.  The org.wc3.dom.Node 
interface isn't seriablizable, so I considered
making each of the ACS nodes seriablizable, but
that would rely on the base class implemention,
and I thought that may work with one parser but
not another.  Maybe there is an easier way I'm

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