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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject [NOTICE] Antidote is moving
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 13:14:51 GMT
In the next day or so (unless someone yells "stop") Antidote will
officially move from jakarta-ant/src/antidote to jakarta-ant-antidote.
Please check in any code or submit any patches if you want them in before
the official move.

After the official move, the old code will be removed from the Ant
codebase. In the past I have handled the "deletion" of code branches in two
different ways. 1) The "correct" way, which is to do a "cvs remove" on all
the files, and 2) the hackers way, which is to mod the cvs repository and
move the whole directory structure into an "Attic" directory (dangerous but
fast). I'm going to do "1)" in this case, as "2)" can cause problems with
existing checkouts, and doesn't allow rollbacks to work correctly. The down
side of "1)" is that you end up with a lot of empty directories. But I
assume we just have to live with this, or is there some CVS trick I don't
know about here (other than always use "cvs checkout -P")?



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