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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: Antidote TODO
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:58:07 GMT

--- Nick Davis <> wrote:
> --- Christoph Wilhelms
> <> wrote:
> > ... so I looked into the TODO-List,
> > recognising that there are many TODOs on it,
> > which aren't done... 
> > I'd propose to assign priorities to the TODOs. 
> > Here is MY PERSONAL proposal:
> > 3    -          Project properties viewer, including
> >                 the ability to view
> >                 dependencies (local and cascading).
> This TODO item sounds interesting.  But I 
> am not exactly sure what it is... Is there 
> any more information about this item?

I know I haven't responded to Chris' original email yet (I'll get to it),
but I'm pretty sure that my cryptic intent here was to add a tool for
managing properties (as in java.util.Properties) in a build file. First,
this would mean getting them out of the "tree" view, where they distract
from the targets (especially the global properties). Second, it would mean
providing some means of visualizing the scope of the properties, and how
they may be overriden, etc. (Probbably something to update the local user
preferences, etc.

Basically, viewing and setting properties is non-intuitive, and more
trouble than actually looking in the .xml file. We need something to
actually help with the managing of them.


> There is not a TODO item for providing the
> ability to reorganize the build file  
> (like "cut and paste" or "drop and drag" support).
> Does anyone else think this would be useful?

I think it is useful, but gravy at this point. For example, I finishing the
wizard will have more impact on end users than cut and paste (although C&P
may take a fraction of the time).

However, please add it to the TODO file.


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