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From Joel Cordonnier <>
Subject New task - : codegenerator < stdin $paran > $stdout. HELP please
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2001 10:59:38 GMT

I need to write my own Ant task, to call a code native
generator. Actually, i use Ant1.3 on linux RH7.0

I need you advices:

I have to redirect standard input to the created
subprocess when i write this new task, and i have
alseo to redirect standard output to a file, and error
to standard error:

like codegenerator < stdin $paran > $stdout.

I look a the cvs task for example, and I see that it
use the 'PumpStreamhandler' class that handle ALL the
redirections. It seems that there is no task that
redirect stdin, right ?

I just have to create a new thread to process the
input ? What about thread handling ?


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