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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject RE: JAXP compatibility with Antidote (Was: [VOTE] New CVS Module for Antidote)
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 03:07:21 GMT

--- Simeon Fitch <> wrote:
> --- Charles Bassham <> wrote:
> > Since Antidote is being talked about...
> > 
> > Does the current Antidote source build against the 1.4alpha version of
> > Ant
> > using the updated JAXP parser?
> Good question (perhaps you already know the answer?). I will take the
> action to check on that in the next couple of days.

The answer is a resounding and spectacular "no". This is not a surprise,
however, as the Antidote documentation clearly states that there is a nasty
dependency on Sun's implementation. Here is the blurb that I just wrote
that will be found with the up-and-coming jakarta-ant-antidote CVS module
(to give you backgroun):


**!! WARNING !!**

Antidote currently depends on Sun's implementation of JAXP and has
only been compiled/tested against version 1.1 of this library. The
reason for this is that the package
(where the XML parser handler lives) uses a set of publically exposed
classes that are part of the "com.sun.xml" structure which are not
part of the JAXP specification.

Why was such a crazy, non-standard thing done? Because the classes
XmlDocumentBuilder and SimpleElementFactory in the package
com.sun.xml.tree enabled the rapid creation of a data model that
allowed Antidote to quickly become a useful application.

Don't like it? Then help us fix it! :-) Basically a SAX handler needs
to be implemented that builds a DOM whose element nodes are instances
of specific types in the pakcage based on
the element tag name.

(You've been Warned)


Listen up Antidote participants: it's time to write our own SAX handler
that creates the DOM we want (as the com.sun.xml.tree.XmlDocumentBuilder
does). This skeleton has been in the closet way too long.


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