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From "Jeff Martin" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] A 'CVS News' task
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 00:02:14 GMT
You might want to look at the ChangeLog task used by Alexandria which produces a log of changes
to cvs
it should be pretty trivial to add a time constraint to this.
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Vincent Massol <>
    To: <>
    Date: 23 April 2001 09:16
    Subject: [PROPOSAL] A 'CVS News' task
    I'd like to propose a new optional Ant task and see whether some of you have already made
such a task or if it raises interest ....
    The end goal: to be able to create information on a web site about what pages have been
modified recently.
    In order to do that I propose to use 2 Ant tasks :
    - a new custom task that will return the list of file that have been modified since some
time by executing "cvs log" commands. The list of files is returned in an XML file.
    - the existing <style> task to process the output XML file and generate HTML
    Here are some very rough details about how this new task could be used :
    <cvsnews span="[time span]" output="[file name]">
      <fileset ...>
      <mappings baseURL="[base URL]">
        <mapping file="[relative file name]" label="[label]" url="[relative url]">
    [time span] = [N]d | [N]w | [N]m, where [N] is a number and 'd' represent a day duration,
'w' a week and 'm' a month. The time span is a duration starting from ${TODAY} and going in
the past. Any file which has been modified during that time is considered new.
    <fileset> = a standard Ant fileset describing the list of files that should be checked
for new versions
    [base URL] = base URL for resolving the [relative file name] and [relative URL] entries
of <mapping> tags (ex:
    [label] = label to display for the end user
    [relative url] = url that the end user can click and that will go the modified page
    The output XML file syntax :
      <item lastModified="[date]" file="[full file name]" label="[label]" url="[full URL]">
    Thoughts ?
    Vincent Massol

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