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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: -emacs flag ??
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:39:34 GMT
Conor MacNeill <> wrote:

>> From: Peter Donald []

>> some editors ? All editors that provide this functionality would be
>> closer to it ;)
> Maybe all editors that you use, but mine has no problems
> whatsoever. I believe you can configure emacs to handle it too.

Sure - I think any editor that can parse error messages of compilers
can be customized to accept additional regexps, otherwise this feature
would be quite limited, wouldn't it.

>> >That information is an advantage to me. It helps me know which
>> >task is failing. How do you find that out?

We agree completely.

>> The question is how useful is that in general? How often can you
>> not tell where the error is coming from?

> When we support multithreading it will be even more important to
> know the source of the error.

Very important point IMHO.

>> I wasn't actually going to bring this issue up to 2.0 though but
>> somehow the issue up and pounced ;) How about we keep it as is in
>> 1.x for backwards compatability but maybe ant2.0 defaults to the
>> standard?
> Nothing is set for 2.0 yet, and everything will be up for
> discussion.

Right, and could we please release Ant 1.3 and then start this
discussion (on Ant2) in a more formal way (I'll post a proposal soon)?


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