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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: -emacs flag ??
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:49:46 GMT
Bill Burton <> wrote:

> For whatever reason, some editors either aren't configurable or
> people don't know how to configure them to strip Ant's [javac]
> prefix so Ant should have greater flexibility in this area to
> conditionally remove these prefixes.

For the later part - users don't know how to configure their editor,
we could easily make the FAQ entries, include sample .*rc files in
src/etc and so on. In the emacs case I want to look at the jde-ant.el
posted here a while back and maybe commit it to src/etc for example.

> So why not support a "logprefix" attribute at the task level by
> adding it to the Task class?  Then in any task, you can specify
> logprefix="no/off/false", etc. and the DefaultLogger class will turn
> on "emacs" mode for the duration of that task.

One reason, we don't have task level logging yet. This has been
requested frequently, so we should add it to the list of requested
features for Ant2 (I'll check whether it is already there and add it
otherwise). Actually people wanted to adjust the logging verbosity on
a task by task level, but prefixing could be an issue as well.

Task (or target) level logging attributes would give us a new bunch of
build file user versus build file writer issues though (who should
have the last word when it comes to verbosity or prefixing, the user

> As an easy way of modifying the attribute settings for tasks, I was
> thinking of a scheme whereby properties could be automatically
> translated into task attribute settings.

Already on the list of requested features

* provide support for user defined task configurations - i.e. give
  users the ability to specify a default value for attributes (always
  use debug="true" in <javac> unless something else has been
  specified). Could be a CSS like language, could be a <taskconfig>
  element ...


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