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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: Ant2 Feature Request
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 19:58:43 GMT
Actually, what I would like to suggest is that we reify the idea of a
"task context". I am still writing some notes on it, but the basic
idea is that you can define various aspects about how to call a task
or what to do if a task fails. You could then install a context at the
build file level, target level or task level. You could reuse them as
well using id/refid.

I also like it because it better defines the contract between task and
environment for the task developer. It also seems as semi-natural
place for me to introduce my idea of a auto-Set (from a week or so
back) where the context can automatically call a task multiple times
for a set of parameters. It also allows a further level of
customization for the aggressive developer/user without changing the

Also, it seems like a good place going parallel or distribution also.


On Sat, 17 Mar 2001 21:41:34 -0600, Ken Wood wrote:

>Actually, I'd like to take this one step farther.
>I'd like to see more consistency across ALL tasks.
>So, if 'ant' task and 'javac' task have failonerror, let's
>provide it in ALL tasks.
>Similarly, let's get some consitency in names. Some tasks
>use "dir" and "todir", others use "src" and "dest".
>Some tasks use explict filesets, some use implicit
>file sets, and some tasks don't use filesets at all.
>(javadoc, for example).
>It would be nice to know that if you learn to do things
>a certain way in one task, that some thing is done the
>same way in all other tasks, instead of a different
>way each time.
>I suspect these issues relate to my comment the other
>day about too much cut and paste duplication between tasks.
>When a 'new and improved' way comes along, it's hard to go back and
>cut and paste the NEW way into every tasks that had a copy
>of the OLD way....
>Scott Sanders wrote:
>> I do not know if someone has already noted this, but it would be nice
>> if the ant task had a failonerror attribute.
>> I am using an ant build file to call the build files of all jakarta
>> projects.  When one fails, the entire process fails currently.  The
>> workaround that I am thinking of is to use the <java/> task to call
>> ant.  Any other suggestions?
>> Maybe possibly every task could have a failonerror attribute.
>> Thanks
>> Scott Sanders

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