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From "Peter Luttrell" <>
Subject RE: compile jsp (request)
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 22:41:38 GMT

I see your point.

What I am looking for is to compile the jsp for correctness, such that
changing method signatures or syntactic errors.


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> From: Di Iorio, Matthew (ISS Atlanta) []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2001 1:38 PM
> To: ''
> Subject: RE: compile jsp (request)
> In my experience the implementation of JSPs is container dependent.  This
> means that some containers have an easy way to compile JSPs and other
> containers don't.  I think it's going to be difficult to produce a generic
> ant task to compile JSPs.
> I was working on a project where we wanted to compile all the
> .jsp files and
> package them up for distribution.  We were using ServletExec as
> our servlet
> container.  I scoured the docs looking for a way to compile JSPs and I
> couldn't find one.  The only solution was to copy the JSP files to the web
> server directory and hit each page one by one.  This would cause the
> container to compile the .jsp files to .class files.
> I think some containers have a command line program to compile JSP files
> (Tomcat, maybe?).  But that means that those compiled JSP files will only
> work with that container.  If you can choose your container, then you may
> want to go with a container that has a command line JSP compiler
> and invoke
> it through the "exec" task.
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> From: Peter Luttrell []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2001 2:18 PM
> To:
> Subject: compile jsp (request)
> How do you compile jsp's with ant?
> If you can't i'd like to request it added to the feature list for v2.0.
> thanks.
> .peter

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