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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject RE: [PATCH] Kaffe ZipOutputStream problem
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 13:35:12 GMT

Just to become clear:

> > Open Source Software *should not depend on* not open source
> > software.
> So we disagree.

Ok, the JDK/JRE arent open source... agreed! But how about your
"low level" software: If you are using Linux your OS is open
source, but what about the BIOS of your computer? Is IT open
source ;-). I think we are just talking about the level of
software we rely on! If Kaffe or Jafar are 100% compatible
to the standard SUN (the java inventor ;-)) defined, we have
no problem :-) Anybody out there demanding compatibility to
Visual J++ ;-).

> > (maybe there are unavoidable case (ex. using Swing), but these case
> > aren't so)
> Uhm, any reason, why you couldn't replace Swing with an open source
> alternative?

In fact Swing isn't open source, but the source is open ;-) 2nd fact is,
that it's part of the JDK, for it is part of the standard java platform
we are developing for!

IMHO: "Open Source" is defined and we all are developing "Open Source".
The Licence does not really matter for the Open-Source-THING itself!


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