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From "Di Iorio, Matthew (ISS Atlanta)" <>
Subject RE: compile jsp (request)
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 16:09:01 GMT
>Now there is an interesting task for someone: a URL spider that calls all
>JSP/ASP/whatever files it finds beneath a URL, fails if one or more of the
>files returns an error or is just plain missing. Of course, detecting an
>erroneous compilation only works if the servers return an HTTP error code,
>or there is an error pattern to look for...

That would be nice.  It could be part of the get task or inherit from the
get task.  The question is how does the spider know which files to get?
There is no way to get a directory listing of available files unless the web
server is setup to allow that.  One possibility is to give it a directory
and say "for all the filenames in this directory, make a request from this
root URL for those filenames".  

This would be a huge improvement from listing all the files with a "get" for
each one, which is what we had.


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