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From "Jay Glanville" <>
Subject RE: -emacs flag ??
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 13:22:12 GMT
> From: Peter Donald []
> >> >Your argument is that we should NOT provide additional 
> information (the
> >> >task producing a particular piece of output) because that 
> affects the
> >> >ability of some editors to parse the output.
> >>
> >> some editors ? All editors that provide this functionality 
> would be closer
> >> to it ;)
> >
> >Maybe all editors that you use, but mine has no problems 
> whatsoever. I
> >believe you can configure emacs to handle it too.
> Which editor to you use ? I actually have emacs setup to parse either
> format but the Vim/*Edit users are not so lucky - they have hardwired
> constraints ;)

I will now step into this fray with my Canadian $0.02 (currently, US
$0.013).  My comment concerns Peter's believe that Vim's error formats are
hardwired.  Peter, you should open up GVim/Vim 5.7 (the current defacto
standard) and type ":h errorformat".  This is a user modifiable error format
template.  Vim is just as configurable as Emacs when it comes to dealing
with compilers.  

Therefore, Vim can handle, very easily, the "[javac]" prefix from ant.

On the subject of error formats, please remember that each of the three
compilers that ant uses all use different error formats.  Look at the
different output from javac1.2.2, javac1.3 and jikes.  None of them use the
exact same format.  Heck, jikes is the only flexible one in that you can
tell it to print the error formatting in two different ways.  Therefore, I
really think that this discussion is of relatively low priority, as the user
can pass in the -emacs command line parameter to strip out the [javac]

Jay (now $0.02 poorer)

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