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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: [RFC] permissions filters on file/patternset
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 03:08:01 GMT
> It would be nice if there was some generic way of adding item 
> filters. Each
> filter would check some information about file (or about current
> ant-context) and then filter or not filter filename based on that.
> So you could have
> <include> 
>   <item-filter type="name" value="**/*.java"/>
>   <item-filter type="permission" value="r"/>
>   <item-filter type="modify-time" 
>                operation="greater-than" 
>                value="10th Feb 1996"/>
> </include>
> Which would include all readable java files modified after 
> 10th Feb 1996.
> Done write this could be extremely flexible and could test 
> for things like
> "comments" in zip files, size of file etc. Something like 
> this would be
> great in long run.

Once I get some of the "free-time" thing people keep talking about,
 I was going to put forward a proposal for how I thought filesets
 should work in ant2.

The Ant1 version is too tied into the current implementation.
Right now, a fileset isn't a "set of files", it's a basedir and
 a set of patterns.
A fileset should really just be an interface, that is quite
 similar to an iterator.

It should be possible to generate lists of files in any way, and
 then apply additional filters on top of that.

I was probably thinking of something similar to what you had above.

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