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From "Harnisch, Henner" <>
Subject Patch for (more than 1 TopLink Descriptor File in an EJB)
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:42:40 GMT

in our project we are using more than 1 TopLink Deploment XML file for one

Therefore I patched the WeblogicTOPLinkDeploymentTool class by adding the
tag, which allows to include any further deployment-descriptor as an
altervative to the
original <toplinkdescriptor> tag.

Here is the source-code of the patched java-file:

... and here is an example, how to use it:

  <target name="ejb_app_constant" 
            description="Create the module (JAR-File) app_constant"
            depends="compile_app_constant" >  
  	<property name="ejb.jarname" 	value="app_constant" />
  	<echo message="   Generating the EJB-Beans for module:
${ejb.jarname}"   />
	        destdir="${limes.path.classes}" >
	   <weblogictoplink destdir="${limes.path.classes}">
		            	<include name="toplink-cmp-*.xml" />
	   <include name="**/${ejb.jarname}-ejb-jar.xml" />
	   <exclude name="**/${ejb.jarname}-weblogic-ejb-jar.xml" />

It would be nice, if the next ant version 1.4 could include such a tag....

Best regards
Henner Harnisch

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