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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Ant2 Feature Request
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 03:41:34 GMT
Actually, I'd like to take this one step farther.

I'd like to see more consistency across ALL tasks.
So, if 'ant' task and 'javac' task have failonerror, let's
provide it in ALL tasks.

Similarly, let's get some consitency in names. Some tasks
use "dir" and "todir", others use "src" and "dest".
Some tasks use explict filesets, some use implicit
file sets, and some tasks don't use filesets at all.
(javadoc, for example).

It would be nice to know that if you learn to do things
a certain way in one task, that some thing is done the
same way in all other tasks, instead of a different
way each time.

I suspect these issues relate to my comment the other
day about too much cut and paste duplication between tasks.
When a 'new and improved' way comes along, it's hard to go back and
cut and paste the NEW way into every tasks that had a copy
of the OLD way....

Scott Sanders wrote:

> I do not know if someone has already noted this, but it would be nice
> if the ant task had a failonerror attribute.
> I am using an ant build file to call the build files of all jakarta
> projects.  When one fails, the entire process fails currently.  The
> workaround that I am thinking of is to use the <java/> task to call
> ant.  Any other suggestions?
> Maybe possibly every task could have a failonerror attribute.
> Thanks
> Scott Sanders

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