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Subject [request] a xalan task for ant2
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 19:33:15 GMT

I think I'm too late for asking stuff, but here goes :)

For my documentation, I often need to 'massage' my xml files, xalan is
perfect for that. 

It would be interesting if there was a xalan task that would mimic the xalan
command line interface.

In case you are curious, I like to have central files like todo.xml,
changes.xml, glossary.xml, data_requirement.xml, etc.

Then inside my other xml files I do things like
	<term ref-id="SOAP"/>
	<data ref-id="Member"/>

Each ref-id gets expanded from the value inside the proper document. This
allows me to have proper .xsl formatting from the tags depending on the
context. Using document() was way too complex for my taste and completely
useless when an element had children.

The resulting .xml files go to stylebook for final output.

Oh, another use for that is to generate .pdf files from my xml files.
Stylebook doesn't support pdf output.

Have fun guys


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