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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: [RFC] permissions filters on file/patternset
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 02:58:10 GMT

I have plenty but I don't quite no where to start ;) Yes I could see a use
with this feature. But then again if we were going to add this in we may as
well add in another meta-data file filter feature at the same time (ie
filter files created before time X etc). As we add more and more filters it
is going to become unwieldy. 

It would be nice if there was some generic way of adding item filters. Each
filter would check some information about file (or about current
ant-context) and then filter or not filter filename based on that.

So you could have

  <item-filter type="name" value="**/*.java"/>
  <item-filter type="permission" value="r"/>
  <item-filter type="modify-time" 
               value="10th Feb 1996"/>

Which would include all readable java files modified after 10th Feb 1996.
Done write this could be extremely flexible and could test for things like
"comments" in zip files, size of file etc. Something like this would be
great in long run.

However whether juryrigging the current include mechanisms to do the job is
a good idea I don't know - if it was a common request I would say yes.
Probably the best way is to show us the format of XML that you would use
and that will get a better reaction ;)



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