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From Eric Siegerman <>
Subject Re: 2.0 suggestions / questions
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 01:49:18 GMT
On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 12:04:13PM +1100, Peter Donald wrote:
> BTW we will be discussing these things on ant-dev rather than ant-user if
> you are interested in participating ;)

Ok, I'm moving this to ant-dev ... crossposting for the benefit of
people in ant-user, in flagrant disobedience of the guidelines :-)
    ant-user folks:
	please reply to ant-dev, NOT ant-user!  I put in a
	Reply-To:, but I think the list software will stomp it :-(
    ant-dev folks:
	I won't make this post longer by pulling back in the
	snipped bits; you can find the first part of this thread
	in the ant-user archives, under the same subject:
	"2.0 suggestions / questions".

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 12:02:38PM +1100, Peter Donald wrote:
> At 07:03  20/3/01 -0500, Eric Siegerman wrote:
> >1.  Can I do set arithmetic on FileSet's?
> No need to in most cases.
>     [suggested alternative deleted]
> Not all tasks support [the alternative] but most that I have needed do.

That's precisely the point of fileset arithmetic -- to factor
this out in the ant code so that task classes don't need to
*think* about it.

Consider this a gripe about the lack of orthogonality in task
implementations -- and a suggested (partial?) fix.  (Dunno
whether it's a complete fix because I'm too new at ant to know
how unorthogonal the tasks are in the first place.  But at worst,
this would be a complete fix for one class of irregularities...)

> Multiple
> filesets combined with exclude/include (or patternsets) will work the magic
> you need. 

That's the other point :-) -- to let me factor such similarities
out in my buildfile, so my task calls don't need to think about

> However I will add set arithmatic to requested features.


> apply/copy are currently the only tasks that use [mappers] ;)

See below...

> >3.  Can a mapper be used in the construction of a FileSet?  I'd
> >    like to be able to say something like:
> >	<fileset id="sources" .../>
> >	<fileset id="classes" refid="sources">
> >	    <mapper type="glob" from="*.java" to="*.class"/>
> >	</fileset>
> there has been a proposal for this. It may or may not get through - not
> sure at this moment.

Want to add mapper support to all existing tasks in one go -- and
to all future tasks where they make sense with *zero* further
effort?  This'll do it: don't bother adding mapper support to
tasks; instead factor it out so that tasks don't need to worry
about mappers.

> >I hope at least some of these have value ... thanks for
> >listening.
> most of it was good ! ;)

Cool; I'm glad I'm not completely out to lunch.  Thanks.


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|-_|/  >   Eric Siegerman, Toronto, Ont.
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With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is not
necessarily a good idea.
	- RFC 1925 (quoting an unnamed source)

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