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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: -emacs flag ??
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 09:25:50 GMT
This certaintly sound like an interesting way to formalize the "magic
properties" that were in use some times.

Sounds like a powerful mechanism.

Jose Alberto

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> From: Bill Burton []
> Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 3:37 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: -emacs flag ??
> Hello,
> I think there are valid points both for keeping the existing logging
> behavior -- especially because it allows you to see errors in
> context.
> But also, it's valid to want no prefix at certain times.  For whatever
> reason, some editors either aren't configurable or people
> don't know how
> to configure them to strip Ant's [javac] prefix so Ant should
> have greater
> flexibility in this area to conditionally remove these prefixes.
> So why not support a "logprefix" attribute at the task level
> by adding it
> to the Task class?  Then in any task, you can specify
> logprefix="no/off/false", etc. and the DefaultLogger class
> will turn on
> "emacs" mode for the duration of that task.
> However, the problem then becomes how to set the logging
> prefix attribute
> without having to edit all the <javac> tasks in all your
> build.xml's to
> add it in.
> As an easy way of modifying the attribute settings for tasks, I was
> thinking of a scheme whereby properties could be
> automatically translated
> into task attribute settings.  This would make it _much_
> easier to change
> default behavior and would be backwards compatible as well.
> For instance,
> the property
>     task.javac.optimize=on
> would be the same as specifying the optimize="on" attribute for all
> <javac> tasks.  If you want to specify properties differently for
> different <javac>'s, you could do this the same way it's done now by
> specifying the optimize attribute with a property or literal as the
> value.  Of course, whenever an attribute is specified in a task, it
> overrides the corresponding property setting if one exists.
> This scheme could then be applied to the logging prefix discussed
> previously.  Just set the property,
>     task.javac.logprefix=off
> and all your <javac> tasks will be executed with no logging prefix but
> everything else will have a prefix.
> I while ago, Diane mentioned the change in behavior where the
> <echo> task
> now has a prefix where it didn't previously.  With this
> modification, she
> could set the property,
>     task.echo.logprefix=off
> and all the <echo> tasks in her 64 build.xml's would have no prefix.
> Now everyone should be happy :)
> -Bill
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