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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: optional task dependencies doc
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2001 02:14:30 GMT
I went ahead and moved the dependencies to the bottom of the install
portion of the manual. So, for now, if a new optional task adds a new
jar dependency this part of the manual needs to be updated as well.


On Thu, 08 Feb 2001 17:23:12 -0800, David Rees wrote:

>I am currently making some minor changes to the updated docs (as
>described in my patch in the old docs). One thing that I have noticed
>is that the README that is in lib/optional of the source tree is not
>copied to the binary distribution. This means that this dependency
>information is not available to the binary user.
>(Note, to avoid everyone having to look it up, I have appended the
>README at the end of this email).
>A quick fix is that the README could be copied (and perhaps renamed)
>to the binary distribution. Or a dependencies section could be added
>to the main install section. However, this would undo the great work
>that Conor has done in separating out the manual so a task's doc can
>be edited in sync. with its tasks.
>So I am thinking the correct fix is for this information to be in the
>optional task description. Perhaps a "Requirements" section at the end
>of each optional task doc? If there is agreement I can go ahead and do
>the cut and pasting.
>I am also not sure where to put the jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar and
>jakarta-oro-2.0.1.jar dependencies.
>--- README ---
>The required libraries should be placed here.
>The dependencies are:
>junit.jar      - required for junit tasks, available at
>stylebook.jar  - required by stylebook task, available in CVS
>repository of
>testlet.jar    - required for test task, available with Avalon via
>jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar - required by some mappers, available at
>jakarta-oro-2.0.1.jar  - required for some mappers and the perforce
>tasks, available at
>???antlr.jar???- required for antlr task, available at
>bsf.jar        - required for script task, available at
>netrexx.jar    - required for netrexx task, available at
>rhino.jar      - required for script task if you want to use
>javascript, available at
>jpython.jar    - required for script task if you want to use python,
>available at
>netcomponents.jar - required by ftp and telnet tasks, available at
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